For over 80 years, our graduates have excelled in their secondary schools as their colleges and universities upon leaving STS as well. They have become role models and examples for all to follow in their commitment to faith, family, and education. STS graduates reach far and wide across Hawaii and the west coast and mainland employed in every career imaginable from doctors, lawyers, religious, education, health, professional athletes, artists and more.  Those secondary schools where our graduates attend both private and public absolutely love the STS students and consistently report back that they are academically skilled, well rounded, kind, loving, team oriented, and just plain fun teenagers!!!. A STS education is ever lasting and provides a foundation that is both strong and family like that will stay with our students for generations.

At Saint Theresa School, the core curriculum begins with religion each day and includes daily lessons in english language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Robotics, and interagated technology in grades 6, 7, and 8.  Rounding our core curriculum is a host of specials offering art, music, drama, technology, and physical education. There is also a core value within the academic component of a STS’s education that teaches process over content, needed study skills and the belief that depth is far superior to breadth. In other words, an STS student formerly learns the process of study skills taught in a spiral curriculum; skills such as reading for meaning, word attack, recognizing context clues, how to take notes with the Cornell method of note-taking, and a host of lifelong skills; the STS approach and commitment to literacy stems from the teachings of Elaine Fountas and Gay Sue Pinnel and the research based and highly successful Guided Reading philosophy. All K-5 teachers at STS are trained by a highly qualified consultant in the foundations and tenets of guided reading which only serves to improve student achievement.