Sunday Message

May 2018

May 20

Pentecost Sunday 2018

“Receive the Holy Spirit” As Jesus completes his mission by his dying and rising, he now gives the Holy Spirit as he breathes on the disciples. Jesus’ action recalls the creation account of God forming man of clay and blowing into it the breath of life so that man became a living being (cf Gn 2:7). Jesus is transforming the...
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May 13

7th Sunday of Easter 2018

The Ascension of the Lord (Mark 16:15-20) The seventh Sunday of Easter is also known as the Ascension of the Lord Sunday. That Jesus is no longer among the dead is only one part of the resurrection. The other part is that he now lives with God’s own life and power. His resurrection, then, is not resuscitation, a return to mortal life. It...
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May 6

6th Sunday of Easter 2018

“Love one another as I have love you” In the gospels, Jesus tells us that those who wish to be his disciples are to love God and love their neighbor. If we are the ones who decide what it means to keep those two great commandments, most likely, we can easily conclude we are doing OK as Christians. However in this Sunday’s...
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