Sunday Message

April 2017

Apr 29

Third Sunday of Easter

The practice of renewing baptismal promises at Easter is essential for those who take the stewardship of their faith seriously. It focuses the steward’s attention on answering Christ’s call to follow after him, proclaiming his Gospel in word and deed, putting the Eucharist into action, building up the communion of faith, and sharing...
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Apr 22

Divine Mercy Sunday

Christian Stewards: People of the Resurrection For those immersed in the secular world, Easter is long over. For the Christian steward, we believe that the Paschal mystery and the life-changing events of Easter are not over. They are not an end but a triumphal beginning, and they have altered us in a quite radical way. The mystery and...
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Apr 15

Easter Sunday of the Ressurection of the Lord by Bishop Larry Silva

A past event ever so present Eleven ordinary men locked themselves away after Jesus was crucified from the well-founded fear that the authorities who executed their Master could very easily go after his disciples. Yet once they left that room, they went out to all the world to proclaim the Crucified One. In fact, they were hunted down and...
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Apr 8

Palm Sunday

Stewardship and the Cross   Do you ever think about how you experience the cross of Jesus Christ? Do you ever think about the power of that cross in your daily life? Is the cross even relevant to your life? Stewards of the Lord recognize the hope Christ brings through the gift of his cross. They acknowledge that for them, the cross is...
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Apr 1

Fifth Sunday of Lent by Deacon Francis

The universality of death and Jesus is revealed to us as the “resurrection and life”. Death Death is the fate of all human beings. No one is spared. The grave swallows up the righteous as well as the sinner. Ezekiel the prophet witnessed the death of the nation. The gospel reports the death of Lazarus. Although Paul refers to the...
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