Sunday Message

February 2017

Feb 25

Eight Sunday in Ordinary Time

God is Trustworthy This Sunday’s Liturgy of the Word focuses our attention on God’s trustworthiness. In the Old Testament reading (Is 49:14-15) God speaks to his people exiled in Babylon who cried out in despair that they have been abandoned and forsaken in these consoling words: “Can a mother forget her infant, be without...
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Feb 18

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s Gospel (Mt. 5:38-48) reading contains Jesus’ radical teaching on holiness, expressed in non-resistance to injury and generous love even to enemies. Those who love in such unconditional and non-selective way are true stewards and children of God. The Old Testament Reading (Lv. 19:1-2; 17-18) reinforces Jesus’ call to...
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Feb 11

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time by Fr. Greg

In today’s Gospel (Mt. 5:17-37), part of his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus does not speak of replacing the law of the Old Testament. He goes beyond it. He obliges his followers to work at being holier than even the strictest of Pharisees. But the work is not accomplished by merely following to the letter a religious “law”, it...
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Feb 4

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time by Dcn. Francis

The Sermon on the Mount continues to instruct us in the meaning of discipleship. Jesus uses the metaphors of salt and light to reveal to us the intimate connection between what a disciple is and what a disciple does. Once again we reflect on the ordinariness of life permeated with the extraordinariness of grace.   Action follows Being We...
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