Sunday Message

May 2017

May 26

7th Sunday of Easter

Transforming the World while Waiting for Heaven The conclusion of Matthew’s Gospel pictures Jesus giving his last instructions to his followers. They have to be missionaries. From Palestine, they are to be Stewards of the Gospel to all peoples of the world. Now it’s their turn to be Jesus’ witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout...
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May 19

6th Sunday of Easter by Father Alfred Guerrero

“I will not leave you orphans.” After I graduated from high school and turned 18, my dad died unexpectedly from an accident. Three years later, after my first semester of seminary formation, my mom died from breast cancer. I know what it’s like to be an orphan. At 21, I experienced the fact of not having the security of...
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May 13

Fifth Sunday of Easter by Dcn. Francis

Fifth Sunday of Easter May 14, 2017   Jesus prepares his followers for his death and resurrection but also for his ultimate exaltation. The entire Easter season is really a celebration of this exaltation. The Exaltation of Jesus Jesus died, rose, and is exalted at the right hand of God in glory. This is the heart of the gospel...
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May 6

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Good Shepherd Sunday The fourth Sunday of Easter is often called GoodiShepherd Sunday. The Gospel tends his flock. In the pastoral setting of Israel, the symbol of the shepherd evokes guidance, comfort and protection. Today’s gospel uses an imagery which is closely related to shepherding. Jesus identifies himself as  the...
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