Sunday Message

November 2016

Nov 26

First Sunday of Advent by Fr. Greg

Advent The liturgical or Church year begins today the first Sunday of Advent. The Season of Advent has four weeks. During this time the Christian people recall in joyful expectation the two comings of Jesus Christ into the world.The first of these comings happened when He became incarnate in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary and was born on...
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Nov 19

The Solemnity of Christ the King by Fr. Greg

         Today we listen to the humble confession of St. Dis­mas, the good thief; a confession that brought him mercy, forgiveness and great favor by the Lord. What can his hu­mility teach those who seek to be good stewards? That we must give up our self-­importance, our self­-centeredness,...
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Nov 12

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time by Fr. Greg

In today’s gospel Jesus tells his followers there will be plen¬ty of time for them to bear witness to what he taught and did. He helped them understand that the Holy Spirit would guide them and help them persevere in their own steward¬ship of his gospel even when friends and family betrayed them. Do our friends and neighbors, or...
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Nov 5

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time by Deacon Francis

The last three Sundays of the liturgical year point us into the future. Each of the remaining Sunday’s flashes a spotlight on some aspect of what God is doing in preparation for this future. Today we look briefly at the question of resurrection and the character of the life we are to live in anticipation of or in fidelity to it. The...
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