Sunday Message

September 2017

Sep 30

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Parable of the Two Sons ~Matthew 21:28-32 Choose Throughout our consideration of the character and responsibilities of discipleship the words “must,” “should,” and “require” have appeared again and again. Such language could make us think that following Jesus only makes demands on us. Without in any way...
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Sep 23

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Parable of the Good Employer The biblical scholar Daniel Harrington, SJ entitles this Sunday’s Gospel passage “The Parable of the Good Employer” (Mt. 20:1-16). He explains: “In the context of Jesus’s ministry, the parable was probably addressed to his opponents who criticized him for preaching the good news of...
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Sep 16

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time by Dcn. Francis

It has been said that one of the most distinctive features of Jesus’ teachings is the exhortation to forgive those who have offended us. Jesus was very explicit about this, and he left us his own example by forgiving his executioners while he hung dying on the cross. Forgiving Quite a bit is written today on the question of reconciliation....
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Sep 9

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fraternal Correction The command to love compels us to engage in the difficult task of fraternal correction. Fraternal correction is a loving “heads-up” given by one Christian to his/her neighbor to help that person become holy. The matter of correction could be a sin (mortal or venial) or even a fault that is harming that neighbor...
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Sep 2

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

In preparation for the feast of St. Theresa on October 1, 2017 and Renewal of Commitment Sunday on November 18/19, 2017, the Parish Pastoral Council in collaboration with the Stewardship and Liturgy Committee approved the following theme for this year: Marriage and Family: The Original Stewards of God’s Creation. The United States...
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